Personal Info:
Real Name: Kurt Gerhardt
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Foolkiller Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Hood's Crime Syndicate
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Avengers
Gallery: Click
Foolkiller is self-trained in combat. While not an exceptional combatant, he is in excellent condition and has developed a high tolerance for pain.
Body Armour: Foolkiller wears a bullet proof vest.
Purification Gun: Foolkiller carries a potent laser able to disintegrate a person on contact, leaving only a pile of ashes.
Kurt had a wife and a good job as a loan officer at Silver Eagle bank. and then things went awry for him. His father, who had refused his advice to move out of a bad neighbourhood, was mugged and killed by some street punks when they found he only at six dollars on him. Within three months, Silver Eagle bank was declared insolvent and recovered by downsizing, leaving Kurt without a job. After several months of failed job seeking, he began to sink further into depression. His wife divorced him, leaving him with his computer and his clothes--and nothing else. Kurt took a job at Burger Clown in order to pay the rent. The store was held up on his first day, and Kurt, feeling anger over his father's death, attacked the thieves, who beat him up.
Kurt had an epiphany after seeing Greg Salinger, the former Foolkiller, appear on the Runyan Moody talk show. Salinger, although still an inmate at the Central Indiana State Mental Institution, had managed to make an appearance in a public forum as part of his therapy. Gerhardt began writing to Salinger, who saw in him a kindred spirit. Salinger arranged discrete, private communications between the two of them by posting to a computer bulletin board under Ian Byrd (Salinger) and Miles Fish (Gerhardt). After several communications, Salinger instructed Gerhardt on how to find his associate, Merle Singer, who held a copy of Salinger's costume and Purification Gun. Minutes later, Gerhardt encountered two skinheads beating a woman and tried the gun out on them. It worked just fine.
Gerhardt was physically ill after seeing the effects of the gun for the first time, but he soon got over that. That same night he put on the costume and travelled the city, executing drug-dealers, muggers, and rapists (oh, my!). However, when he went after larger prey, the criminal enforcer Backhand, he was overpowered, thrown out a window, and almost shot by Backhand's bodyguard, Warren. Gerhardt narrowly escaped, and after recovering, began a rigorous exercise program. He threw away the old costume, created his own, and made his own series of Foolkiller cards, to leave behind as a warning to others.