Personal Info:
Real Name: Llyron Mackenzie
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Atlantis
First Appearance: Namor Vol.1 54
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Fathom Five
Base Of Operations: At'La'Tique
Grudges: Sub-Mariner and the Thunderbolts
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Enhanced Abilities: Llyron has super human strength, agility and endurance.
Body Armour: Llyron has some resistance to physical and energy attacks.
Water/Air Breathing: Llyron has gills and can breathe in water as well as on land.
Swimming: Llyron can swim at incredibly fast.
Resistance's: Llyron is resistant to cold which is another adaptation to undersea life.
Flight: Llyron has reptilian wings on his feet that permit him to fly.
Vyrra placed the child in a 'biological time-decompression crèche' and they watched as he crew to a 16-year old in a manner of minutes. Once Llyron was awakened, Llyra broke Vyrra's neck and smashed the container that contained Vyrra's body, ensuring that Vyrra wouldn't be able to create anyone else like Llyron. Llyra and Llyron then moved towards Atlantis.
Seeking to accelerate her pregnancy, Llyra found the cave of Vyrra (whose mind dwelled in a clone of Dorma) in the Boundary Trench. The pregnancy now full-term, Llyra demanded that Vyrra remove the child. Vyrra informed Llyra that the child would be mindless due to the physical growth unless a mind-transfer took place, so Llyra agreed to give the child a copy of her mind. Vyrra also offered to alter the child's genetics, but Llyra wanted it to be a boy. Vyrra soon delivered Llyra's son, who was named Llyron. Unknown to Llyron, Vyrra secretly copied his own mind into Llyron's form as well.
Llyra, former empress of Lemuria, developed a plan to conceive the heir of Atlantis, hoping to gain her own power there. Knowing Namor was a hybrid and unable to father a child, she put together a complicated plot to implement her plan. Seeking to confuse Namor, Llyra disguised herself as the Invisible Woman and spent the night with him. When Llyra stood revealed, Namor prepared to kill her until she revealed she was pregnant. He then let her go free.