Smart Alec
Smart Alec
Personal Info:
Real Name: Alexander Thorne
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: London, England
First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 #1 (1983) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Jerry Jaxon, Omega Flight I
Group Affiliation: Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight
Base Of Operations: Manitoba, Canada
Grudges: Alpha Flight
Creators: John Byrne
Gallery: Click
Computer Intellect: Thorneís natural powers allow him superior reasoning and intuitive abilities. He can deduce facts and make logical projections beyond the scope of most normal individuals. This allows him to make unreasonable intuitive leaps, interpret opponentís movements before they make them and give his team tactical advantages.
Encephalo-Helmet: Thorne designed a helmet for himself that increases his intelligence and also provides him with microscopic and telescopic vision. He can also see along the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Nothing has really been revealed about Smart Alecís origins. He was a member of Alpha Flightís trainee team Gamma Flight. When Department Hís funding was removed Gamma Flight shut down and Smart Alec was cut loose. Jerry Jaxon, who sought the destruction of Alpha Flight, eventually recruited him to the villainous Omega Flight.
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