The Beetle
The Beetle
Personal Info:
Real Name: Abner Ronald Jenkins
Also Known As: Matthew Davis, Aaron Jeffries, Mach-I, Mach-II, Mach-III, Mach-IV, Mach-V
Place Of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #123 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Baron Zemo II, Moonstone, Fixer, Goliath and Screaming Mimi.
Group Affiliation: Formerly Thunderbolts, Masters of Evil, Sinister Syndicate, Sinister Seven, Employee of Justin HAmmer
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Spider-Man
Creators: Stan Lee and Carl Burgos
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Body Armour: All of The Beetle's powers are derived from his armour. It offers some protection from physical and energy attacks. It also enhances his strength, agility and endurance.
Wall-Crawling: Suction cups on his gloves allow the Beetle to wall crawl.
Flight: The Beetle's armour has a set of wings made from Mylar that allow him to fly.
Electro-Bite: By placing the second and third fingers of his gauntletís together, the Beetle can fire an electrical bolt.
Battle Computer: The Beetle has a battle computer that can be programmed with the fighting styles of his opponents. This gives him certain advantages against opponents he has studied.
Abner Jenkins was a master mechanic at an airplane-parts factory. He became bored with his job and tried to interest the company in a set of plans for some hydraulic technology he created. Unfortunately he was rebuffed and he used his plans to build his first set of Beetle armour, he turned to crime in the hopes of winning fame, wealth and thrills that were denied to him at work.
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