Personal Info:
Real Name: Frank Myers
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
First Appearance: Tales To Astonish 81
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Sinister Twelve, Former member of the Synister Syndicate, Former employee of Justin Hammer and Former member of Masters Of Evil VII
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Spider-Man
Gallery: Click
Boomerang carries seven boomerangs prominently on his costume each has a special property. He is an expert at throwing them.
Shatterangs: Detonates on impact with an opponent.
Gasarang: Filled with tear gas.
Razorangs: Sharpened boomerangs which cut on impact with an opponent.
Screamerangs: Emits a sonic attack when thrown.
Gravityrangs: Creates a local gravity field.
Shatterangs: Detonates on impact with an opponent.
Reflexerangs: A solid-weighted boomerang.
Fred Myers was born in Australia but moved to America when he was a small child. In America, he developed a passion for baseball and became a talented and proficient pitcher. After graduating from high school, Myers worked as a professional baseball player in the minor leagues, quickly joining the majors. Within a year, however, he was suspended for taking bribes.
Myers was then contacted by the subversive society known as the Secret Empire, who offered him employment as a special operative, outfitting and naming him Boomerang. When the Empire crumbled, Myers fled to Australia, where he became even more proficient in the boomerangs, and eventually became a freelance assassin.