Personal Info:
Real Name: Umar
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: The Faltine Dimension
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 150
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Sister of Dormammu
Base Of Operations: The Dark Dimension
Grudges: Doctor Strange
Gallery: Click
Magic: Umar is a member of the energy-race the Faltine. The race is an actual mystical entity, producing an unlimited amount of mystical energy. Umar is powerful magic-wielder and can potentially perform virtually any magical feat. Such feats have included in the past: cancelling out any magical spell of another, creating passages into and from other dimensions, forming bolts and shields of magical energy, communicate telepathically throughout dimensions, transforming herself or others into another substance.
Immortality: Umar is immortal; if she is killed, her body dissipates and begins to reform elsewhere over a period of months.
Umar and Dormammu where faltinians with a fascination towards matter. This fascination is almost regarded as a crime in the dimension of Faltine where energy is all, they revolted against their sole creator Sinifer. As a result the faltinians banded together and banished the rogue duo.
They sought sanctuary from Olnar, the wizard-king of the Dark Dimension, a small pocket cosmos in a dimension other than Earth's, in which the laws of reality are different from those in the Earth dimension. (It has been speculated that this occured thousands of years ago.) Umar and Dormammu promised to show Olnar how to expand his realm. Intrigued, Olnar overruled the objections of the other wizards of his realm, who distrusted the two exiles, and he granted Umar and Dormammu not only sanctuary but also positions of power. In return, the two Faltinians showed Olnar how to break down inter-dimensional barriers and to absorb other pocket dimensions into his own.
However, after many ears of such conquests, it was discovered that a pocket cosmos that had recently been added to the Dark Dimension was the home of the savage creatures called the Mindless Ones. The Mindless Ones spread destruction throughout the Dark Dimension and killed Olnar. The surviving wizards blamed the two Faltinians,. Suspecting that the wizards would attack the two of them, Umar and Dormammu struck first and defeated the wizards. The two Faltinians then combined their magic to imprison the Mindless Ones behind a mystic barrier that still exists today. The people of the Dark Dimension acclaimed Umar and Dormammu for saving them from the Mindless Ones and chose them as regents of the Dark Dimension.