Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Future Timeline
First Appearance: New Titans Annual 7
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former Leader of the Team Titans, Former thrall of Raven
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Teen Titans
Gallery: Click
Deathwing is an above-average athlete and fighter. He is also a master tactician. Raven's manipulations of him may have granted him enhanced strength and durability.
Weapons: Deathwing usually carries a large dagger.
10 years in the future; Or, rather, a false future where Lord Chaos reigned and a force known as the Team Titans struggled to overthrow his tyranny. Nightwing served with the Team Titans as drill sergeant. He was very much like the Dick Grayson of our timeline, but darker and a little more driven.
The Team Titans leader gave the team a mission: travel 10 years into the past to stop Chaos from ever being born. To accomplish this, the Teamers were assigned to kill Donna Troy before she would give birth to the child who would become Lord Chaos. The Teamers successfully travelled to the past and came into conflict with the Titans. Donna gave birth to her son before the Teamers could intervene. However, the Titans and the Team Titans were able to stop Chaos and spare Donna's life at the same time.
After this, the Teamers found themselves stranded in the past, unable to return to their future. With nowhere else to go, they resided at Donna Troy's New Jersey farmhouse. The Teamers tried to find a place in this new world. Just after this, the alternate-future Nightwing travelled to our timeline. A dark version of Raven attacked the future Nightwing and corrupted him by planting a Trigon-seed within him. Nightwing now renamed himself Deathwing, and became violent and brutal.