Personal Info:
Real Name: Markx Grimbor of Earth
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Earth
First Appearance: Superboy Vol.1 221
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Villains, Former Partner of Charma
Base Of Operations: Mobile, 30th Century
Grudges: Legion Of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jim Shooter and Mike Grell
Gallery: Click
Grimborís greatest talent is his ability to envision, design and construct restraints for any sort of person or creature, no matter what sort of powers or strengths have to be taken into consideration. His talent borders on clairvoyancy. He is also a powerful fighter with some athletic training.
Originally an apprentice locksmith, Grimbor quickly exploited his talent for forging chains and creating locks and restraints to make himself the most sort after chainsman in the galaxy. Although he had some above board dealings with the United Planets, most of his business was with private parties, for questionable purposes. Grimbor was not interested in why his clients wished to have particular restraints made; his interest lay only in creating and them and masterminding the puzzles they presented.
One such challenge brought him to the boarding school for orphans where Charma was being held. Her headmistress wished to bind the girl, whose mutant power made women hate her. Since it also made men love her, Grimbor fell under her influence and freed her. She held absolute sway over him, and he fell under her thrall. They came into conflict with the Legion of Super-Heroes when they attempted to extort money from R.J. Brande.