Personal Info:
Real Name: Prince Artus of Daem
Also Known As: Wyvern, Desmond
Place Of Birth: Daemon
First Appearance: WildC.A.T.s Vol.1 #1 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Daemonites
Base Of Operations: Himalayas
Grudges: Superman
Creators: Brandon Choi and Jim Lee
Gallery: Click
Daemonite Physiology: The following represents the potential alien abilities available to the average Daemonite while operating on Earth. Even if demonstration of such abilities has not been explicitly shown The higher the status of the Daemonite the stronger their abilities are.
Enhanced Abilities: Daemonites have super human strength, agility, speed, durability and endurance.
Accelerated Healing: If a Daemonite is ever harmed it can heal indefinitely while it's brain still survives. Daemonites have been seen losing their limbs, internal organs and portions of their brains while still surviving.
Chronokinesis:Most Daemonites possess a degree of time manipulation however the exact limits of this ability are unknown.
Claws: Daemonites have long, dangerous claws on each hand and foot
Fangs: Daemonites have fangs in their mouths which they use to rend and tear at targets.
Immortality: Daemonites have survived for countless years within and without a host body. It is assumed by scientists and enemies of the Daemonites that they are immortal; however, this may only be the case in mental form.
Metamorphosis: Only the strongest of Daemonites can shape-shift. Only the strongest of those Daemonites can change into inorganic material
Phasing: Daemonites have a degree of intangibility allowing them to phase through solid objects as they do when they take possession of a host body.
Possession: Daemonites are parasitic beings that not only take complete control over another being's body but inhabits their mind as well. They feed on the nutrients and physiology of the host body until the body is destroyed or the Daemonite abandons it.
Mental Powers: Daemonites are not only physical beings that take possession of host bodies but they manipulate the mental effects of the beings as well. Not limited to only understanding the thoughts of each other or their hosts they can extend this ability to a wide range and even track targets by their mental signature. Most Daemonites are connected by a central mind which they do not need to focus to maintain. He has displayed Mind Control, Psychic Blasts, Hypnosis and Telekinesis.
Flight: Helspont is able to fly, due to his Acurian host body.
Energy Manipulation: Helspont is able to manipulate energy, due to his Acurian host body. He has displayed the ability to create Energy Shield’s, Absorb Energy and perform anEnergy Enhanced Strike.
Over three thousand years in the distant past, Helspont was Artus, prince of the Daemonite home world and galactic empire. One of his greatest concerns was the apparent genetic decline of the Daemonite race, which he believed was caused by the Daemonite genepool becoming tainted by the DNA of other alien races in breeding. Infant mortality rates, auto-immune diseases and cancers were steadily on the rise, and Artus' fears were compounded when his wife died in childbirth.
Disgusted by the apathy and decadence of the Daemonite ruling class (which included his own mother, the queen), Artus left the Daemonite home world and set out into the universe with the goal of restoring the Daemonites to the glorious heights they had reached in the past when they were conquerors of the universe.
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