Highlord Roval
Highlord Roval
Personal Info:
Real Name: Irik T. Rova
Also Known As: Commander Roval
Place Of Birth: Qward
First Appearance: JLA Vol.1 #108 (2005) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Thunderers of Qward
Group Affiliation: Thunderers of Qward
Base Of Operations: Qward
Grudges: Justice League Of America
Creators: Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney
Highlord Roval has no super human powers, he is however a highly trained and skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He is an expert swordsman and a highly capable military tactician and leader.
The Thunderers of Qward worked alongside the Weaponers of Qward for hundreds of years. The Weaponers began to gain greater control as the manufacturers of their counterparts weapons. While this lasted for some time, it eventually led to a schism erupting within the military ranks. The leader of the Thunderers, Irik Roval, staged a coup against First Weaponlord Varnathon of Q'Uld. The plan went off without a hitch and Commander Irik T. Roval became the Highlord of Qward.Having won leadership of his people, Irik Roval then began trying to consolidate his power. He managed to locate the prison of Erdammeru, the Void Hound, an ancient weapon of the Qward. In the intervening centuries since it's creation it had been misconceived of as a dark god. Roval piloted the Void Hound into the positive matter universe, traveling through an ancient Qwa-portal, where he went in search of the ancient scientist, Krona. During his search, he ended up doing battle against the Justice League.
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