Personal Info:
Real Name: Lois Lane-Kent
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Place Of Birth: Anti-Matter Earth
First Appearance: JLA: Earth-2 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ultraman, Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring II, Power Ring III, Barracuda
Group Affiliation: Member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika
Base Of Operations: The Panopticon
Grudges: Justce League Of America
Creators: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
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Enhanced Abilities: Superwoman has enhanced strength, agility and endurance.
Flight: Superwoman is able to fly.
Lariat: Superwoman has a lasso that does not compel others to tell the truth, but instead releases inhibitions, and forces a victim to reveal secrets, which they find especially humiliating.
Heat Vision: Superwoman is able to project lasers from her eyes.
Superwoman is from the antimatter universe of Qward, but is not Qwardian. She was born on Damnation Island (the antimatter name for Paradise Island), and is the last Amazon of her world (because she killed all of her fellow Amazon sisters). She left the island afterwards to see the human world, which she calls the "Patriarch's World". She took on the alias of Lois Lane and took the job at the Daily Planet as a reporter. She worked her way up to the position of editor on the newspaper, despite her co-workers at the Planet despising her. She is a member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The Crime Syndicate is a collection of super villains that rule Anti-matter Earth. She is married to the villainous Ultraman and is considered to be the most twisted member of Syndicate.
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