Black Swan
Black Swan
Personal Info:
Real Name: Yabbat Ummon Turru
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Earth-TRN265
First Appearance: New Avengers Vol.3 #1 (2013) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Corvus Glaive, Maximus, Namor, Proxima Midnight, Terrax, Thanos
Group Affiliation: Cabal; Formely ally of the Illuminati, Black Swans Dadingra Ummon Turru, ally of Manifold
Base Of Operations: Necropolis, Wakanda
Grudges: The Illuminati and the New Avengers
Creators: Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting
Enhanced Abilities: Black Swan possesses increased strength of unknown proportion. She has been shown cracking the impenetrable cell wall, capable of holding a Herald of Galactus, that she was being held in, with just one punch.
Optic Blasts: Black Swan possesses the ability to fire concussive energy blasts from her eyes.
Telepathy: Black Swan has shown the ability to probe the minds of others, and communicate telepathically.
Flight: Black Swan can fly and hover at will.
Yabbat Ummon Turru was part of the Royal family of the Hidden City, third sister of the Crown Prince, Dadingra in a reality where the stars had disappeared. Every day, she and her brother used the Great Key, a gift from the Ivory Kings (Sinnu Sarrum) to open the doors of a "library of worlds", seemingly a Nexus of realities, hoping for the arrival of the "Great Ladies", mythical travellers of the multiverse.
One day, the Black Priests attacked the City, coming from another universe undergoing an Incursion with Yabbat's. All were killed except for Yabbat, who took the Great Key and unlocked the door of the world library, finding there the Great Ladies, the Black Swans, who raised her to become one of them.
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