Wildebeest Society
Wildebeest Society
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Unknown, Formerly Jericho
Also Known As:
First Appearance: New Titans Vol.2 36
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Teen Titans
The Wildebeest Society was originally made up of strategists and tacticians who have studied the Titans very carefully. In order to throw their opponents off balance, The Wildebeest Society never implemented the same idea twice.
Enhanced Abilities: The Wildebeest Society members ware a hairy exo-suit that boosts their strength and agility to super human levels.
Body Armour: The Wildebeest armour provides a high level of protection from physical and energy attacks.
The Wildebeest Society was formed as a criminal organization intent on accumulating vast fortunes through whatever illegal method was deemed necessary. To that end, the original Wildebeest, who became the Society's leader, created the clever strategy of permitting only one member to be seen in public at any one time. This created the belief that there was only one Wildebeest, a menace whose method of operation was so complicated it could not be discerned by police or super-powered adventurer alike, as the approach to each robbery or action bore no resemblance to that of any other Wildebeest attack.