Personal Info:
Leader(s): Sussa Pak
Also Known As:
Purpose: Taltar
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 323
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: 30th Century
Grudges: Legion Of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jim Tillery, Jerry Siegel and John Forte
Enhanced Abilities: Spider-Girl has enhanced strength, agility and endurance.
Prehensile Hair: Spider-Girl has the ability to quickly grow her hair to great lengths, the limits of which have yet to be determined. She can manipulate her locks to attack or ensnare an opponent.
Hailing from the 30th century matriarchal world of Taltar, Sussa Pak was an instrumental part of a campaign to have a stronger influence on the United Planets. However the female aristocracy had developed a plan to create a female force to protect the planet from male hostility and have their interests met in the United Planets. Sussa herself was specifically chosen from Earth and was expected to take part in a secretly planned scheme by the female aristocracy for a matriarchal coup.
What the female aristocracy did not take into consideration was when the young girl hit puberty, Sussa hit it hard. The daring Sussa decided to take matters into her own hands, wanting to find out more interesting things to do with men than fight. Sneaked off Taltar, Sussa assumed the identity of Spider-Girl and applied for membership with the Legion of Super-Heroes.
Scientists on Taltar had given Sussa the ability to grow her hair at will to considerable lengths and have complete control over it, now able to manipulate it as a weapon. Sussa realized that this ability alone might not be enough to impress the Legion, but she had hoped that her other more physical attributes might cause the male members to vote in her favour. However an over excited Sussa messed up the demonstration of her power and got little sympathy from Legion founder Saturn Girl who was presiding over the tryouts. If they'd had any reason to move on to study Sussa's psyche, the Legionnaires would have discovered she had no particular predilection for obeying rules or following orders making her truly an unfavourable new recruit.
At the time Sussa was disappointed by her failure. Lost for a bit she quickly decided there were plenty of other ways a woman of power could find adventure in the United Planets. She was indeed finding her hearts desires fulfilled away from the Legion and her home of Taltar when she ran into a mysterious man. This man who was more than her match was the charismatic Laevar Bolto also known as the dubious Cosmic King. Long practiced in the art of persuading and corrupting the morally ambivalent, Bolto worked his psychological and narcotic magic on Sussa and was able to recruit her into his growing Legion of Super-Villains.