Kobra Cult
Kobra Cult
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Jason Burr
Also Known As: Cult of Kobra, Kobra
Purpose: To bring about the Kali Yuga (an age of chaos)
First Appearance: Kobra Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: JSA, Outsiders, Wonder Woman and Checkmate
Creators: Martin Pasko, Steve Sherman, Jack Kirby and Pablo Marcos
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Kobra is currently organised by serpent type, low level members are Lanceheads, higher level members are called Nagas, the highest level shown are the Bestowed, mystics who specialize in Blood Magic. A typical Kobra foot soldier will use anything they can get their hands on, from alien technology, to guns, to IEDs.
Lazarus Pits: Kobra has employed Lazarus pits to resurrect itís members and leaders.
Blackadders:Kobra has a specialised unit of ninja-like fanatics.
Strikeforce Kobra: Kobra has operated an aggressive meta-human research and recruitment program. This program that gave birth to both known versions of Strikeforce Kobra.
Originally a cult in India, Kobra had a prophecy that one day someone would lead them to greatness. Finding this someone as one of a set of twins, they selected one at random and took him to be raised by them. This baby, named Jeffrey Burr by his parents, grew to be a formidable warrior and a criminal mastermind. As he took control of the organisation, he was awarded the title "Naga Naga".
Under Burr, Kobra began using cutting-edge science and terrorist tactics to fulfil itís ultimate goal of bringing about the Kali Yuga - the Age of Chaos, in which the imperfect world will be swept away by a divinely-inspired, better version.
Kobra's members are religious fanatics that will fight to the death, and will commit suicide rather than be captured. As a result the organisation has been able to maintain a veil of secrecy for decades - possibly centuries.