Personal Info:
Leader(s): Unknown
Also Known As:
Purpose: Synriannaq
First Appearance: The New Titans Vol.1 51
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Teen Titans
Creators: Marv Wolfman and George Perez
As one of the Titan Seeds, Sparta possesses considerable power, but after destroying most of the other Seeds, and adding their power to her own, they have increased exponentially. The full range of what she is capable of remains unknown, but the most typical powers she has used are manipulation and projection of tremendously powerful energy blasts. She also possesses some minor psionic disciplines, as well as the power of flight. Like the other Seeds, Sparta is also trained in various forms of combat, but usually relies on her energy powers to battle her enemies.
The alien being who would become Sparta was a native of the war-torn planet of Synriannaq. According to her own claims, she was about to be killed only seconds after being born. Other than that, virtually none of her past history is known, she was one of twelve children who were saved from certain death and assembled by the Titan goddess, Rhea to be reared as the eventual saviours and successors of the Titans of Myth. Called the Titan Seeds by Rhea and brought to the moon of New Chronus, Sparta and the other children were granted superhuman powers, trained as warriors, and educated in various arts and sciences. During this time, Sparta and her fellow Seed, Athyns of Karrakan became lovers, however that came to an end when the Seeds all reached the age of 13 and were sent back to their own home worlds after their training was complete. All of them were given false memories by the Titan of Memory, Mnemosyne, so that they could learn the ways of their respective cultures, and to teach them humility. Once the Seeds reached adulthood, they would return to New Chronus to take their rightful places alongside the Titans of Myth.
This was not to be in Sparta's case however, as she alone retained all her memories of her time on New Chronus. Although she first used her powers to protect the planet and its populace, the memories of her time on New Cronus with the Titans and her fellow Seeds eventually drove her to madness, leading Sparta to conquer Synriannaq and declare war on the other Seeds, destroying them and stealing their powers for herself.