Personal Info:
Leader(s): Unknown
Also Known As: No known Alias
Purpose: Revenge against the Guardians of the universe and restoration of there home world.
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Vol.3 #1 (2011) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Base Of Operations: Urak
Grudges: Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians Of The Universe
Creators: Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin
Body Armour: The Keepers wear a suit of armour that makes them invulnerable to Lantern Energy Constructs.
Energy Swords: Every Keeper is armed with an energy sword that is strong enough to sever Lantern Energy Constructs and are DNA locked that prevents anyone else from using them.
Portal Tech: The Keepers make use of an unknown form of transluminal displacement with this anomaly being detectable. It is capable of transporting Keepers to various sites or being used to harvest the resources/individuals of entire worlds.
The Keepers was the name given to a race of humanoid beings that inhabited the planet Urak. These skeletal beings native world was a barren world where their race struggled to exist. Their existence changed when their home world was visited by the Guardians of the Universe who were seeking a place that would serve as a storage ground for the Green Lantern Power Batteries. This came after it became apparent that members of the Green Lantern Corps began to suffer when their Power Rings ran out of charge. Thus, the Oans sought out a means of addressing this issue by providing easy access between a Green Lantern and their Power Rings. They learnt that the unique properties of Urak allowed for a temporal conduit between a Power Battery and Power Ring whereupon they made a pact with the native species. In exchange for rebuilding their world, the race would act as protectors and custodians of the Power Batteries that were stored in the Emerald Plains. Thus, the native inhabitants of Urak became known as the Keepers due to their new role. The unique composition of their home world led to the Power Batteries growing as if they were crops within the Emerald Fields. Though they held an important role in the Green Lantern Corps, their existence was not known to the Green Lanterns with even their Power Rings unable to identify the species.
These conditions, however, led to a form of symbiosis as the Power Batteries provided energy that nourished Urak and fed its people. The energy of Willpower was thus infused into the singular DNA of the Keepers and provided them an amazingly potent force of will. As a result, they became beings that possessed an innate reserve of willpower which was overwhelming and not in proportion with their relatively common forms. This trait made their armour completely immune to the effects of Lantern Energy Construct that derived from Willpower in the Emotional Spectrum. Their strength of will made them capable of actually willing their own bodies to shut down and kill themselves. The lush home world allowed their race to prosper as shepherds in this role. Events changed for the race in 2012 when the Oans arrived on Urak and removed all the Power Batteries from the Keepers care who they referred to as undeserving parasites. This act led to Urak returning to its formerly barren existence with the Keepers struggling to simply survive. In this time, the Keepers came to realize that they had never truly appreciated the beauty of their home world when it became a paradise which now became a desolate wasteland that was devoid of water. As a result of these events, the Keepers became dedicated to the task of restoring their world by their own means whilst getting revenge on the Guardians as well as their servants. Thus, they planned a campaign to collect natural resources through Stargates along with a strategy to claim the Central Power Battery on Oa itself.
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