The Trench
The Trench
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Queen and King Trench
Also Known As: No known Alias
Purpose: Marianas Trench, Pacific Ocean
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol.7 #1 (2011) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Base Of Operations: Marianas Trench, Pacific Ocean
Grudges: Aquaman
Creators: Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis
Amphibious Physiology: The Trench can not only survive underwater but they can also survive on land for an unknown period of time without suffocating. Their habitat is the water and their bodies are specially adapted to enable them to survive underwater. They have gills that allow them to extract oxygen from water and their vision is specially developed to see the Green end of the spectrum, enabling them to see perfectly even in the murkiest depths of the oceans. Their physiology also allows them to withstand extreme changes in water temperature and their blood circulation allows them to withstand extremely cold temperatures typical of great ocean depths.
Teeth: The Trench have razor sharp teeth capable of puncturing Aquaman's skin and also able to cause mild paralysis in humans.
Cocoon’s: The Trench can create a cocoon to transport their food from the surface back to the trench.
The Trench rise from far beneath the ocean floor in search of one thing, food. When they attack, they demonstrate a complete lack of empathy, relying on only the primal instinct to feed, even eating their own slain brethren. All the creatures seem to be similar with the exception of one alpha member of the race.
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