Personal Info:
Leader(s): Unknown
Also Known As: Maltusians, Oans
Purpose: Controllers seek to bring peace and order to the universe through the eradication of all evil, even if it costs the lives and free will of innocents.
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #357 (1967) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Darkstars, Effigy, Manhunters, Orange Lantern Corps
Base Of Operations: Binary Star System of the Controllers
Grudges: Green Lanterns, Guardians Of The Universe and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jim Shooter, Mort Weisinger and Curt Swan
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Telepathy: The Controllers have very potent psychic powers, and are able to penetrate the minds of most individuals fairly easily. They also used this ability to communicate with one another as seen when they did so secretly in order to hide their plans to betray Krona.
Telekinesis: The Controllers are some of the most powerful telekinetic wielders in the multiverse, able to move the cosmos itself with the power of their minds.
Flight: The Controllers are able to fly, and employ it as their standard method of locomotion.
Levitation: The Controllers can levitate using the power of their minds.
Genius-Level Intellect: The Controllers were described as being one of the most intelligent beings in the entire universe which was the reason Krona sought their aid in order to connect with the universal consciousness of the cosmos.
Omni-Lingual: They were capable of speaking in completely alien languages that were not known to even 30th Century translators.
Immortality: The Controllers are immortal, and cannot die by natural means.
Approximately 10 billion years before the atomic age of the Earth, an advanced race with vast powers had evolved on planet Oa. Among them was an individual named Krona, who broke certain taboos to probe the origins of the universe and of life itself. In the process, evil was allegedly unleashed on worlds where it had been previously unknown.
To repair the damage Krona had done, his fellow Oans elected to use their immortal lives and powers to combat evil. Krona was rendered helpless and banished from our universe, and the Oans sought effective ways of combating evil. As their numbers were small, no matter how vast their power, they decided to act through agents.
Most of the Oans felt the best method was to work through mortal societies, and thus developed robots known as Manhunters, which were later replaced by living agents called Green Lanterns. These Oans became the Guardians of the Universe and kept their base of operations on Oa.
Another group disagreed, believing that evil was an infection the Oans had let loose, and if it became sufficiently serious, it had to be destroyed. When they failed to convince their fellows of this philosophy, they departed Oa to another dimension. There they developed weapons of awesome power and assigned one to each group. Each member would watch over a specific segment of the multiple universes, and if evil got out of control anywhere, would destroy the affected galaxy. They took the name Controllers.
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