White Martians
White Martians
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Protex
Also Known As: Pale Martians, A'ashenns
Purpose: World Domination
First Appearance: Justice League of America Vol.1 #71 (1969) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: A-Mortal, Armek, Fluxus, Primaid, Protex, Tronix, Zenturion, Zum
Base Of Operations: The Still Zone
Grudges: Justice League Of America and Martian Manhunter
Creators: Dennis O'Neil and Dick Dillin
Enhanced Abilities: White Martianís physiology gives them enhanced strength, agility, speed and endurance.
Shape Changing: Martians have psionic control of their physical for down to the molecular level. This allows them to a form of shape-shifting that allows them to mimic other forms, elongate aspects of their body, increase or decrease their physical size, and so on.
Microwave Projection: White Martianís are able to project concentrated microwaves from their eyes.
Martian Vision: Martian visual acuity greatly exceeds human norms and allows for a wider range of information to be observed. This includes the following: Infrared Vision, X-Ray Vision, Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision, Telescopic Vision and Microscopic Vision.
Telepathy: Martians have the ability to read the minds of others and project their thoughts to varying degrees. This allows them to: Create Illusions, Control Minds, Project themselves Astrally and conduct Telepathic Assaults.
Telekinesis: Martians have mind-over-matter abilities and can lift and move objects with their minds. They can also employ their telekinesis in an offensive way by discharging telekinetic blasts capable of great concussive power.
Invisibility: White Martianís are able to bend light and make their self invisible.
Density Manipulation: White Martianís are able to control their bodyís density, allowing them to phase.
Regeneration: Martians have powerful regenerative powers that enable them to regenerate their entire body from a severed limb, they can further enhance their regenerative powers by drawing mass from nearby sources.
The White Martians and the Green Martians were originally part of the same race, known as "The Burning". This race used fire to reproduce asexually and were belligerent to all. 20,000 years ago, The Guardians of the Universe, fearing the ruthlessly and violently powerful Martians, genetically split the Martian race into two distinct species, white and green, preventing the asexual reproduction. They also gave these two new races an instinctive fear of fire to prevent either group from ever accessing their full potential. While the Green Martians were peaceful philosophers, the White Martians were savage warriors. A lengthy civil war between the two races ended when the few surviving White Martians were rounded up and exiled to the extra-dimensional "Still Zone". They watched and waited, biding an eternity in anticipation of escaping.
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