Personal Info:
Leader(s): Cyborg
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Purpose: Elimination of all sentient life
First Appearance: 1st Issue Special Vol.1 #5 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Cyborg Superman. Sinestro Corps
Base Of Operations: Artificial planet of Biot
Grudges: Green Lantern
Creators: Jack Kirby
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During the Cyborg Supermanís tenure as Grandmaster, he managed to develop large versions of regular Manhunters that were powered by Green Lantern energy with the capacity to destroy worlds. In addition, he created nanite scale Willhunters that were able to destroy a persons mind and convert them into a Manhunter.
Enhanced Abilities: Manhunters posses superhuman strength, durability and endurance.
Body Armour: Manhunters are made from an alien metal that provides a high degree of protection from energy and physical attacks.
Energy Blasts: Manhunters can project energy blasts from there hands.
Self Destruct: Individual Manhunter androids possess a self destruct system which is extremely powerful in not only destroying the unit in question but anything surrounding it.
Camouflage: Manhunters have been capable of adopting a terrestrial camouflage allowing them to disguise themselves as members of other races and thus hide their identity.
Energy Absorption: Manhunters possess Power Batteries located beneath the faceplate and located in their heads allowing them to forcibly steal any form of Emotional Spectrum energy or use it to energize a Power Ring.
Flight: Manhunters are able to fly.
The Manhunters were a race of robotic androids that were created by the Guardians of the Universe as part of their initial attempts at creating an interstellar police force with which to combat evil all over the cosmos and eradicate it. They were modelled after the Manhunters of Mars with their code of behavior as well as naming coming from that race. Initially developed and in use on Maltus, the Manhunters served as an emotionless interstellar police force that served the early Maltusians as they attempted to divorce themselves from emotions. After their creation, the Manhunters were provided with Energy Pistols as well as a Power Batteries that served as conduits to the Central Power Battery on Oa. Given a purpose, they were sent forth to bring justice and order in the universe which was a task that they had done so for thousands of years. Manhunters accompanied their creators to the Vega System in order to prevent Larfleeze as well as his gang from claiming the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery on Okaara from falling into wrong hands along with reclaiming a box that served as a prison for the Parallax Entity. Many of these Manhunters along with the Oans were destroyed when the Orange Light of Avarice was unleashed by Larfleeze though the threat of the event was contained with a treaty that prevented the Guardians from ever entering the Vega System.
Following that time, the Manhunters continued their service though it was believed that in time they became more obsessed with "hunting" criminals rather than bringing justice. Eventually, their code of No Man Escapes The Manhunters became more important to them than achieving their programmed goal of enforcing justice.
Two events ultimately altered the Manhunters original purpose. The first, was a glitch in there programming created by Krona, which resulted in the Massacre of Space Sector 666. The second, a loss of contact with the Guardians, resulted in the Manhunters conspiring to claim the Guardianís Central Power Battery, ultimately the Guardians overcame their android servants, stripping them of their power and banishing them across the universe. The Manhunters bided their time, waiting for the time to strike back against their former masters.
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