Personal Info:
Leader(s): Brother Eye
Also Known As:
Purpose: Destruction of all meta-humans
First Appearance: Countdown to Infinite Crisis 1
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Brother Eye Spy Satellite
Grudges: All Meta-Humans
Gallery: Click
Body Armour: OMACís have cybernetic armour that protect them from energy attacks and physical attacks.
Power Duplication: OMACís have archives on almost every meta-human on file, and can simulate the powers of a variety of superheroes and super villains in order to target its opponent's weaknesses.
Shape Changing: OMACís can morph its extremities into blades and pincers.
OMACís are cyborgís that take over human's bodies via a virus (created from Brainiac-13 derived technology acquired by the U.S. Department of Defence and Lexcorp, which was introduced into general vaccine supplies) in order to assassinate any and all beings with superpowers.
The Brother I satellite controls OMACís. Brother I was created by the Batman to keep an eye on all meta-humans, both villain and hero, after he grew distrustful over the Justice League's mind wiping of known villains. Alexander Luthor, Jr. later gave the satellite sentience as part of his plans, and Maxwell Lord subverted the original mission of the Brother I satellite by inculcating a fear and suspicion of all meta-humans when he rose to the top rank of the government agency Checkmate.