Prime Sentinel
Prime Sentinel
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Bastion
Also Known As:
Purpose: Inaplicable
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.2 65
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: X-Men and Generation X
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Prime Sentinels have super human strength and endurance.
Force Blasts: Prime Sentinels are able to project force blasts.
Flight: Prime Sentinels are able to fly.
Combat Computers: Prime Sentinels have combat computers that allow them to think and react faster than a normal human.
Power Dampening: Prime Sentinels are able to dampen mutant powers.
Nano-Machines: Prime Sentinels are able to inject nano-machines that will turn there target into a Prime Sentinel.
The Prime Sentinels were created when Bastion initiated the Operation: Zero Tolerance program. These Sentinels were actually humans who had been fitted with cybernetic nanotech implants which, upon activation, transformed the humans into armored beings with powerful weapons systems. These altered humans set up as sleeper agents, unaware of their natures until a signal from the Operation: Zero Tolerance base activated their programming.