Strikeforce X
Strikeforce X
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Unknown
Also Known As:
Purpose: The elimination of Wolverine
First Appearance: Wolverine: Weapon X 1
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Columbia
Grudges: Wolverine
Creators: Jason Aaron & Ron Garney
Enhanced Abilities: Members of Strikeforce X have enhanced strength and agility.
Enhanced Senses: Members of Strikeforce X have enhanced senses including smell, hearing and eyesight.
Healing Factor: Members of Strikeforce X have a healing factor due to techno-organic, nanites in their blood to help regrow tissue.
Adamantium Skeleton: Members of Strikeforce X have adamantium laced skeletonís, making their bones almost unbreakable.
Claws: Members of Strikeforce X have sets of energy claws.
Weapons: Members of Strikeforce X carry a variety of firearms, some with special bullets which are designed to release 38 different kinds of cancer.
Strikeforce X are a team of violent, relentless adamantium-laced super-soldiers created by Black Guard, an evil organization based in the jungles of Colombia. They have ties to the Weapon X program and Roxxan Oil. The team was designed to take out special targets like Wolverine.