Sentinel - Mark II
Sentinel - Mark II
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Number Two
Also Known As:
Purpose: Extermination of Mutants
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 14
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Mutants
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Enhanced Abilities: Sentinels are 20 feet tall and have enhanced strength and endurance.
Robotic Construction: Sentinels are robots, and as such have special abilities: Invulnerability to poisons, disease, gas and mental attacks. They donít need to breathe and are unharmed by water or the vacuum of space.
Body Armour: Sentinels are created from a metal that gives them some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Weapon Systems: Mark II Sentinels have a number of weapon systems fired from their chest plates or palms. These include: Plasma, Electron, Stun and Heat rays. Sentinels also have a disintegrator beam that can disintegrate up to a cubic yard of inorganic matter within seconds.
Gas Jets: Mark II Sentinels can project knockout gas from their palms.
Self-Repair:The Mark II Sentinel has phenomenal self-repair mechanisms.
Adaptability: Mark II Sentinels greatest ability is the power to analyse an attack and create a defence for it. The defences have included: Steel Tendrils, Vibration attacks and fire based attacks.
Flight: All Sentinels are able to fly.
The Sentinels are large semi-humanoid robots designed to locate and either capture or kill superhuman mutants.The Mark II Sentinels were for a long time the most powerful and nearly invincible Sentinels devised. They were designed and constructed under the supervision of Lawrence "Larry" Trask after his father's death. While some Mark II Sentinels, such as the "leader," designated Number Two, were constructed from the remains of some of the original Sentinels, many new ones were also built. Larry Trask wrongly blamed the X-Men for his father's death, and determined to have the Sentinels capture and imprison them and all other known superhuman mutants.