Sentinel - Mark III
Sentinel - Mark III
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Steven Lang
Also Known As:
Purpose: Extermination of Mutants
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 14
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Mutants
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Enhanced Abilities: Sentinels are 20 feet tall and have enhanced strength and endurance.
Robotic Construction: Sentinels are robots, and as such have special abilities: Invulnerability to poisons, disease, gas and mental attacks. They donít need to breathe and are unharmed by water or the vacuum of space.
Body Armour: Sentinels are created from a metal that gives them some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Weapon Systems: Mark III Sentinels have a number of weapon systems fired from their chest plates or palms. These include: Plasma, Electron, Stun and Heat rays. Grappling cables issued from the palm and the ability to generate lfe suppourt bubbles for up to six individuals.
Gas Jets: Mark III Sentinels can project knockout gas from their palms.
Self-Repair:The Mark III Sentinel has modest self-repair mechanisms.
Flight: All Sentinels are able to fly.
The Sentinels are large semi-humanoid robots designed to locate and either capture or kill superhuman mutants. After the death of Larry Trask, ownership of the plans for the Sentinels fell under the control of the United States government. Dr. Steven Lang was placed in charge of a federal investigation of mutants that was intended to discover how mutations bestowing superhuman powers came about. Unknown to his employers, however, Lang had a fanatical, irrational distrust of superhuman mutants. He used his position to gain access to the Trask notes and designs, and then approached the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, which at that time was called the Council of the Chosen. The Club provided Lang with the money he needed to construct new Sentinels and to create an orbiting space station headquarters, unaware that Lang's real intention was to destroy every superhumanly powered mutant he captured.