Lava Men
Lava Men
Personal Info:
Leader(s): Tribal Chief
Also Known As:
Purpose: The Destruction of the surface world
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery 97
Known Associates:
Base Of Operations: Subterranean Earth
Grudges: Thor and the Avengers
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Heat Generation: Lava Men generate tremendous amounts of heat internally. They can increase this at will.
Body Armour: Lava Men have a rock like skin that provides some protection from physical attack..
Invulnerability: Lava Men are invulnerable to heat and flame.
Mystical Ability: Shamans of the Lava Men race can conjure volcanic ash, transmute metal into volcanic ash, grow there bodies and generate molten lava.
Weapons: Lava Men use granite clubs or throw handfuls of molten rock. They also employ granite battering rams and lava throwing catapults.
The Lava Men are a race of Subterraneans living in tribes in underground caverns deep beneath Earth's surface. The Lava Men were originally members of the Gortokians, the first race of Subterraneans cloned and genetically engineered from the cells of human beings many centuries ago by the Deviants. The Gortokians finally successfully revolted against Deviant rule and became independent of them. Eventually a minority of the Gortokians formed a religious cult, which worshipped a demon whose identity has not yet been determined. This demon transformed his worshippers into a new race of Subterraneans who have become known as the Lava Men, and who abandoned the Gortokian civilization.